Children & Families

  • Age Groups

    2months to 3 years old

    Water Wings
    3 years old to Pre-primary

    Dive In
    Year 1 to 2

    Year 3 to 4

    Deep End
    Year5  to 6

    Junior leaders
    Year 7 and up


  • Vision


    Our vision here at Carey’s children’s ministry is to see our children with a vibrant personal relationship with God.

    We seek to facilitate this in three key areas – Teach, Model, Partner

    Children will be engaged in discovering God and his character, nature, relevance to them as children. We need to lead them to understand God is not a concept, rather He is a personal God who is connected to their real world and life and so not only is possible to have a relational journey with Him but He longs for that.

    We model Christ-like behaviour in all we do, recognising that who we are speaks louder than words. Our aim is for our lives to point others to Christ, the ultimate role model.

    • People of prayer
    • People of deep compassion
    • People immersed in God’s Word
    • People who love people
    • People who have authentic, healthy relationships with each other and God
    • People following Gods leading

    Ultimately we are instruments, it’s God who does the transforming work.

    • Parents are the primary source of growing and directing spiritual development.
    • Our role is to partner with families to assist in the journey of spiritual development.
  • New to Carey

    New to Carey

    New to Carey?

    Find our Carey Kids sign-in table located at the entrance.

    One of our volunteers will assist you in signing in your child/ren to their correct age group and let you know relevant details.

    Looking to see if Carey could be your new home church, grab a new family form from the Carey Kids sign-in desk or fill in one of our connect cards.

    You can leave forms at the sign-in desk