Sunday am

Children are important at Carey and we are blessed by having lots of them attend. During the service, your children are welcome to remain with you in the service if you would like however there are vibrant and interactive Carey Kids programs providing age-appropriate activities in groups from nursery to Year 6.

Your children will love the programs and we would be delighted to see them join in. Your children will be in safe hands and you are welcome to stay around to help them settle in if it helps.


David Scaife, Children’s & Families Pastor,


9am –  10:30am Sunday mornings

  • Bubbles and Water Wings head straight to their rooms for their morning program, just follow the flags.
  • SPLASH ZONE – Years 1-6 start the morning together in the drama studio, before breaking into age groups to delve deeper into Gods word at a level that is appropriate to them.
  • There is a fortnightly program running for youth in year 7 & 8 during our Sunday Morning services. Meeting point in by the side doors which lead to the Youth Room.

10am –  11:30am Sunday mornings

Contact for more information on Carey Kids at Forrestdale.


  • Children Ministry Age Groups at Harrisdale

    2months to 3 years old

    Water Wings
    3 years old to Pre-primary

    Dive In
    Year 1 to 2

    Year 3 to 4

    Deep End
    Year5  to 6

    Year 7 and 8s program
    There is a fortnightly program running for youth in year 7 & 8 during our Sunday Morning services.
    Meeting point in by the side doors which lead to the Youth Room.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision here at Carey’s children’s ministry is to see our children with a vibrant personal relationship with God.

    We seek to facilitate this in three key areas – Teach, Model, Partner

    Children will be engaged in discovering God and his character, nature, relevance to them as children. We need to lead them to understand God is not a concept, rather He is a personal God who is connected to their real world and life and so not only is possible to have a relational journey with Him but He longs for that.

    We model Christ-like behaviour in all we do, recognising that who we are speaks louder than words. Our aim is for our lives to point others to Christ, the ultimate role model.

    • People of prayer
    • People of deep compassion
    • People immersed in God’s Word
    • People who love people
    • People who have authentic, healthy relationships with each other and God
    • People following Gods leading

    Ultimately we are instruments, it’s God who does the transforming work.

    • Parents are the primary source of growing and directing spiritual development.
    • Our role is to partner with families to assist in the journey of spiritual development.
  • New to Carey?

    New to Carey?

    Find our Children’s ministry sign in table on arrival.

    One of our volunteers will assist you in signing in your child/ren to their correct age group and let you know relevant details.

    Looking to see if Carey could be your new home church, grab a ‘new family form’ from the Carey Kids sign-in desk or fill in one of our connect cards.

    You can leave forms with one of our Carey Kids team leaders at the sign in desk.

  • Child Dedication Services

    It is wonderful that your family has been enlarged with the addition of a child.

    Congratulations on this new member who has come into your lives, what a joy and a pleasure.

    It is natural that we want the best for our children and that includes wanting to give them a great start in life and encourage their growth in all areas of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

    So just what is Child Dedication

    At Carey we recognise the significance of learning from the very beginning of life and acknowledge the uniqueness of each individual within each family. One of the formal ways that we do this at Carey is through Child Dedication. Jesus welcomed and included children, so we want to acknowledge them and thank God for them: “He called a little child and had him stand among them. And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.”(Matt 18:2-5).

    • A Child Dedication is a ceremony in which parents, and sometimes entire families, thank God for the new life of your child(ren) and their presence in the family.
    • It’s also an occasion where you make promises as parents as best as you are able, to bring up your child(ren) to know God.
    • The church community also has the opportunity to acknowledge that they also have a role in giving you their support in raising your child(ren).
    • It is not a naming ceremony or a rite to initiate a child into the church.
    • It is also not a baptism or christening.


    What is involved

    At Carey, when we have a child dedication, it is an integral part of a normal Sunday service. It typically takes only a few minutes for each family and child. Families come down to the front of the church auditorium so that they can clearly be seen by family and friends. There may be a number of families simultaneously dedicating their children and making promises.

    Service Elements

    • There may be a particular Bible verse or verses that are important to you and you may want a significant family member or friend to read these aloud.
    • You may wish to make specific comments about what it has meant to have your child join the family
    • A prayer by pastor/relative/friend for your child and family will conclude the dedication ceremony.


    Contact David Scaife, our Children’s & Families Pastor for more information regarding Child Dedication,