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People who come on to a Carey campus sometimes ask, what is Carey. At its heart Carey is a collection of communities, school, café, Jump with a church community at its centre. All that is Carey flows out of the life and heartbeat of the Carey Baptist Church. Carey Church is a community of followers of Jesus who are part of the story that God is writing. A story of love and of hope.

Being a community, Carey is much more than just a place to come for a service on a Sunday. I would love you to feel that Carey is your home. A place for you to connect, belong and contribute. The Engage program will help you find ways to get further involved in what is happening in and around Carey as we serve each other and the community that meets around us. Have a look below to inquire about your part in the Carey community and the story that is being written.

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About Us

Carey Baptist Church is a vibrant community of people who love God and have a desire to love and serve their local community.

Everyone is very welcome to attend any service at Carey and we would love to see you there.



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