The Broader Community

Carey Church partners with other local churches and organisations for mission and is excited to see the people, resources and expertise God has drawn together, the future looks exciting.

We see a future where we will provide hope and compassion to some of the poorest and most oppressed people in the world – where we bring some of our capacity and expertise to work alongside others to support them in their work in education and with families.

We see a change in the cultural climate for communities around the world where a voice of hope and compassion is increasing, and cynicism, fear and oppression is decreasing. We plan to build our capacity to enable us to be part of this transforming vision.



  • House of Love | Fundraising Concert | 31 August 2019

  • Villages of Life | Fundraising Dinner | 21 September 2019

    Villages of Life is a Non-Government Organisation dedicated to providing the essentials of life where they are most needed. We aim to provide housing, education from primary through to secondary and flowing into trades training facilities, coupled together with sustainability farming projects for food production to be used within the Homes of Hope village and the Future Hope School. Where ever possible generating much-needed employment for the people of Burundi.