Carey Youth and Young Adults exists to win and empower generations of youth to be life long believers, followers and disciples of Christ. We work towards this goal through various youth programs, pods, mentoring and service opportunities.

Meet the Team

Youth & Young Adults Team

  • Nick Harris
  • Ben O’Reilly
  • Georgia Scaife
  • Beau Walker

Sunday Morning Youth

The Sunday Youth Grade 7/8 program meets on a four-week rotation of 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. This is to enable more of our grade 7/8s to make it to the program around the weeks they are rostered on for serving at church. Half of our young people are serving on the same week that Sunday Youth was on and part of our core principles is to support youth in both developing their own faith in their separate program but to also build their ownership of church family through serving. We are hoping this pattern will allow more of the young people to not miss out on getting to both serve and attend Sunday Youth.
On the off weeks, we will have a space marked out in the auditorium for youth to sit together during the service if they want to.

Sunday Morning Youth Grade 7/8s Term 4 Dates
20/10 Carey’s 21st Birthday Celebrations – Join in with main service
27/10 Grade 7/8 program is running – Thank You: The Power of Praise
3/11 Join in with main service
10/11 Join in with main service
17/11 Grade 7/8 program is running – Thank You: The Posture of Thanksgiving
24/11 Grade 7/8 program is running – Thank You: The Posture of Thanksgiving
1/12 Join in with main service
8/12 Join in with main service
15/12 Grade 7/8 program is running – Why Christmas
22/12 Grade 7/8 program is running – Why Christmas

Carey Youth | Harrisdale

A space for youth to discover their own faith in a fun and nurturing environment through community and discipleship. It’s on every Friday night during school term.  7-9pm, $5 entry and dinner are provided.

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If you were granted three wishes, it would probably be pretty easy to come up with three things you wish you could change about your life or the world around you. Maybe that’s because we know the world isn’t always the way it should be – and neither are we. In this series, we will challenge students to seek change in the world and in their own hearts by turning to God in prayer. Because prayer equals change when we begin and end with God, pray with God’s own words, pray like Jesus prayed, and pray for what matters most.

Carey Youth Harrisdale Term 4 Dates
18/10 Prayer
25/10 Prayer
1/11 Prayer
8/11 Prayer
15/11 Worship
22/11 Worship
29/11 Worship
6/12 Worship


Carey Youth | Forrestdale

Carey Youth is a space for youth to discover and embrace their own Christian faith in a fun and nurturing environment through community and discipleship.

It runs fortnightly for high school students, meeting at Forestdale’s Community Hub, the cost is $5 per person.

For more information visit contact Shelby O’Reilly – Next Gen Pastor or phone 6166 2204

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8 Nov
22 Nov
6 Dec
13 Dec

Carey | At Night

Carey At Night is more than just a service – it’s a movement.  It is a community of people who seek to connect with God through authentic sound, culture and voice for his glory.  An authentic faith is not limited to a church service.

Instead, it is seen as we live out God’s mission through our everyday lives.  As a movement, we want to see God use each one of us to impact this world for him, and at the same time be a community that is real about our wins and our struggles as we seek God together.

We would love for you to join us as we bring the community together on Sunday nights.

5:00 pm for a 5:30 pm Sundays | Carey Harrisdale Auditorium | Carey Centre


YA (Young Adults) is for anyone who has left school and wants to connect with other young adults in thinking, discussion, and social contexts. In addition to our young adults pods, we run monthly events ranging from guest speakers and discussions on current issues of life and faith, through to social events to hang and do life together. Check out our Facebook page or the Fusion Instagram for details of our upcoming events.